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Difference of Monoski from normal ski

Weak points

• legs tied

At first, your both of legs are tied.  It’s more serious than any other.
You can’t step when you lose balance about to fall down.
Consequently you might have fallen down.

• larger dimension, heavier, high inertia, larger friction

Second, the board is larger than normal ski, that is heavier than normal ski.

It is made larger especially sideways as a pair of boots not to go out of the board.
It’s wider than 2-legged normal skis.
Consequently it’s heavier than normal ski.
As there is side-cut, nose and tail are furthermore wider.
In other words, width of nose and tail are determined by that of place where two boots ride on side by side not for side-cut. (^_^;)

Originally Monoski is the board difficult to turn, furthermore it need power or twist to turn as it is heavy i.e. has high inertia.

Large area have large friction causing less speed than 2-legged ski.

• shorter edge length, less effect

Monoski has only one edge, which take less effect when turn or standing slope.
2-legged ski have two edges.
Say, ski length is 170cm, 170cm×2=340cm-long edges take effect to the snow about 2-legged ski.
Still 170cm about Monoski.
Therefore Monoski dislikes ice burn =^^=
Same as snow board.


• tied legs never open

“Your both of legs never open absolutely!” because they are fixed to one board. (^^)
Whatever, whenever your legs never open.
Your legs never open whatever mogul you go even you tumbled upside-down. =^^=
Good skier skis beautifully gathering both of legs.
The ones who don’t know Monoski look upon Monoskier as good skier gathering both of legs.
You could do it from first day you began to Monoski.
Except for can or can’t.

• never sink

You never sink into the snow even new-fallen deep snow because of wide board.
If you Monoski on the powder snow, you feel like on the back of dolphin.
I never have ridden on dolphin, but I guess like that. (^_^;)
Feel like the board are swimming under feet.


• all or nothing, 1 or 0.  No midway.

You can 2-legged ski even for the first time.
You can stand on the slope, and can slide down opening legs for the first time from your birth.
While you can’t stand on the slope putting Monoski on except for horizontal area.
It’s same as snowboard.

You are advancing step by step beginner to expert about 2-legged ski, while there is no midway between beginner and expert about Monoski, but only “can” or “can’t”.
There is no Bogen or Stemmbogen, but parallel from beginner. =^^=
Normal ski is analogue (continuous), while Monoski is digital (dis-continuous).
I mean “0” or “1”.  There is no 0.26 or 0.74 and so on.

Attractiveness of Monoski?

It’s integrated feeling man and board before everything.

Cheating never take effect.
To lose balance cause instantly to tumble.

“Ojisan” have never been able to gather both of legs on 2-legged ski even how many times I practiced and how many years has passed by.
So is today. =^^=
Because I can cheat.
If I lose balance, I can step to recover the balance.
Then I can ski down any slope of ski area, but I never have improved myself in ski anymore.

Both of legs gather themselves unless you try to do that with Monoski.
If you balance on Monoski, you can feel integrated with the board and have conversation with the snow.
You need more severe balance and feedback than 2-legged ski, while you can enjoy communication with the snow.
If you ignore the snow and have your own way, you’ll tumble at once.
You feel relation of board and snow very well.

What a feeling of satisfaction when you’ve got to be able to control Monoski!

In addition, you draw attention from others. =^^=
Disappointingly I almost always ignore in Japan. (T_T)
They look my board but make believe to see nothing. (^^)

I’ve rarely talked about it in west area in Japan.
People in west area are more friendly than east.
I like them.
But I don’t think eastern people are cool.
They are reserved.

I’ve been to Whistler, Canada, where I talked very often!

I want to say Japanese are not cool but reserved and shy.
Please don’t think us Japanese dislike you foreigners.

The most reason is that we mostly can’t speak and hear English or other foreign languages.

I’ve been to U.S.A. and Europe, where they have very often run away from me. (^^)
Maybe they thought they couldn’t understand my language to see my Asian face.

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Monoski~See top page and Contents here

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