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Where can I get monoski?

You live in convenient days.
You can get it on internet sites.

But wait!

You had better buy monoski after you’ve done well one-legged ski, especially out-edge skiing.

If you want to try monoski reading this page, but there is no one riding monoski and teaching you monoski.
Maybe you can’t monoski at once or stand on the ski slope, it would go to your closet or garage.

Can I rent Monoski?

Yes, you can though it’s a few where you can rent it.
Search with internet ski area near you.
Then phone direct to there, and go there.
If you’d felt like to be able to Monoski, thereafter you might get it.

When you ride on lift.

Only one foot bound to the board, keep released the other to step at any time.
Put leash cord on to leg not to release.
When you would reached terminal station, only you should do is that you hold poles with each hands and step on the board and then stand straight up, if so lift chair will push you forward.
You can easily get off rowing with poles a little.

Do I need special equipments?

As shown above, that’s all the same as normal ski.

How long the board length?

It’s often to say that stature plus 10cm is good about ski .

It had better be a little shorter about Monoski.

The more long and heavy , the more has large “inertia“.
Inertia is character of the body that it stayed intend to hold staying, it running intend to hold running.

Long and heavy : stable.  difficult to move or turn.  You have difficulty to turn.
Short and light : unstable.  easy to move or turn.  You can easily turn.

The board of Monoski is wider and heavier than 2-legged skis.
It’s difficult to move tied both of legs, furthermore you struggle to turn the board which is long and heavy.

Mogul ski is also short which turn shortly and rapidly like Monoski.

As “Ojisan” didn’t know that, I have got 176cm-Monoski even I’m 165cm tall, then I’ve seen I need extreme action of whole body and energy to turn.
As now I’ve got used to Monoski, I need less power and less action, but if you’ll get from now on, you had better choose the one same as your stature or a little shorter.

Snowboard also use shorter one than stature, you know.

How many Monoskiers?

I don’t have precise data.

It’s about 50 years from having got started ski at primary school.
I’ve ever seen Monoski without me only about three or four times except for meeting.
I’ve been to Whistler, where I’ve never seen Monoski.
But they knew Monoski or asked me frankly what that was!

• Monoski meeting

Once I’ve participated in Monoski meeting which was had Monoski association in Japan.
There were about ten persons from whole Japan.
Of course, participants were ten, not Monoskiers were in whole Japan.


• Self-made Monoski

I’ve seen only once, he has skied on the board which was snowboard with bindings sideways.
Maybe he attached himself or had attached by ski shop.
He attached bindings offset back and forth a little like alpine style snowboard.
That’s acceptable!

• Snow scoot

I don’t know this is true English or not.
Maybe Japanglish, I guess.

It’s like a bicycle attached with sleds.
I see them more often than Monoski.
Such like a Monoski, as edges are contrary to 2-legged ski, I guess it feels like a Monoski, though it has a steering bar. =^^=
As I’ve met an aquaintance who has snow scoot at a parking lot of ski area by chance, I asked how much was that, then he said the new one cost 300,000 yen, second-handed one was 80,000 yen he has got.
It’s a little expensive, isn’t it?
I think I can make it attaching sleds to bicycle. =^^=

Monoski~how to carry the board~Gallery.

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