Monoski~how to carry the board. Gallery. You can Monoski if you read this textbook!


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How to carry the Monoski

As “Ojisan’s” car is two-seated, I carry it on the passenger seat.
If there is a person on the passenger seat, I carry it on the roof of the car like this.




MR2 and Monoski

snowmen 雪だるま




roll cakes

miffy ミッフィー

Miffy.  It was not at ski area, but in front of a private house near ski area.


“Ohina-sama”.  Doll which is decorated at “Hina-maturi” festival at March 3rd in Japan.  It’s a product of inhabitant of the same house.  As an eye brow has dropped,  my daughter has attached.  

At “Hyomon-maturi” festival of Ombara ski area.

At also “Hyomon-maturi”.

Passing under snow arch~Ski plow

On the way to the ski area

It’s very rare to pass under the snow arch, isn’t it?

That’s fun!

Ombara ski area

It’s a favorite ski area where “Ojisan” often go.
I videod there.

There are two areas, “Panorama slopes” and “Lake side slopes”.
They are connected on the top.
“Ojisan” often use “Lake side slopes” as it is near from parking lot and rest house is not so crowded.
Why named lake side?
Because it’s near from “Ombara Lake”!
You can see the lake from the top of slope.

Please talk to “Ojisan” who are Monoskiing if you see. (^^)
It’s me!

Ombara ski area (Sorry but a Japanese page)

I’ve just determined to Monoski coming winter!

Monoski~See top page and Contents here

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