Monoski~how to ride! Sideslip on the slope. You can Monoski if you read this textbook!

monoski sideslip

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I omit the same attitude and theory as “one-legged ski”.

The one who visit here first without preparation had better practice “both-legged ski” first after watching videos!

Return or jump to “both-legged ski” above

Side-slip (on the slope)

It’s the same as both-legged ski.
Two boards are only bound to one board.

But even if you break the balance, you can’t step to recover, therefore you’ll feel uncomfortable.

As both of your legs ride on “one” board with Monoski, you need not to shift the body or make extraordinary attitude.
It would be a straight attitude such as “top foot ski” plus “bottom foot ski” and then are divided by two.

At first, extremely

Incline hips and knees to the “bottom”.
Incline head and the upper body to the “top”.

Such as Side-slip of “top foot ski”.
Or it will not begin to slip no matter how much time passes, because the edge stands up and bite the snow (I mean take effect).
Or you’ll fall down to the top, as the top edge bites the snow.

See “Side-slip of top foot” please.

(from you. right is top. left is bottom. The boards will slip to the left.)

You’ve managed to “Side-slip”, haven’t you?

First, I think the board doesn’t move at all.
Because the edge stands up.
If you’ve practiced “Side-slips” of both-legged and one-legged ski, you can feel the board slips by “inclining hips and knees to the bottom, head and the upper body to the top”, can’t you?

Next practice~Monoski~Traverse.

Monoski~See top page and Contents here

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monoski sideslip


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