Monoski~how to tumble! You can Monoski if you read this textbook!

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How to tumble

For this textbook, I contribute videos to YouTube.  I don’t know why but so many people are watching this “How to tumble” . (^^)
It’s important to know how to tumble because we have our legs fixed and can’t step when lost the balance.

Maybe you think it’s not important, but you get to know if you put Monoski on.
“Why can’t I move at all like this!?”, you’ll think.

Also snowboard fixes both legs, but you stand legs apart.

Differently from snowboard, you’ll tumble only sideways on Monoski.
Then you won’t hit back of the head, but you’ll hit side of the head and shoulders hard unless you know how to tumble.  You’ll hurt arms if you hit them.

Try it, and you see that you’ll unconsciously try to step sideways the direction you’re falling down though your both of legs are fixed on the board.
You must become confused as you can’t step sideways.

Be sure to put the helmet on, please.
It’s really dangerous!

Say, if the one of 160cm-tall fall down standing straight up to the ground, his head falls from 160cm-height and hits the ground.
If he squats and tumble to the ground, his head falls down from about 80cm-height, and then impact reduces about half.
Furthermore, if he squats and tumble, actually his hips land first and also his body becomes to rounded, then he escape from impact of the ground.

And interesting to say, when you feel to “tumble!” or “be in danger!” and squat, then I don’t know why but you won’t tumble and recover the balance in most cases.
Furthermore, if you squat, you can touch the ground softly.


Tumble! In Danger! > Squat!  Round!

Remind like a spell.

When you get up, you need so much power to raise 160cm-tall pole if you hold to extend your body still straight.
Supposedly you can’t get up.
Draw the board to your body as you can, and bring your head near the board as you can, then you can ride your body on the board easily.
And then, get up.

You’ll get to know well about that if you see videos.

Next practicet~Monoski~how to get up!

Monoski~See top page and Contents here

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