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3. 伸び上がる。とともに板を雪面と平行にする。 - コピー

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Turn of the one-legged ski

1. Top foot > Bottom foot (out-edge > in-edge) : Switch the edge on one board

Why chose this first?
Because I think it’s the easiest turn among them of the one-legged ski.

First, traverse on the top foot (out-edge).
Watch care that the head and the upper body incline to the top.
And, the hips and the knees incline to the bottom.

If the upper body stands up, you would fall down to the top caused by the out-edge biting the snow surface.

(from you. right is top. left is bottom. The boards will slip to the left below.)

1. 山足による斜滑降(1)

The hips and the knees incline to the bottom.
The head and the upper body incline to the top.

It makes the edge of the top foot lies down (flatten).

Unusual attitude, isn’t it.
But this is the basic attitude of “the top foot ski”.

Now, prepare to turn.

2. 次のターンのほうに上体をひねり、縮む(2)
  1. Compress the whole body and sink down.
  2. Motion of the CG.  Move the head and the upper body to the bottom.
  3. Twist.  Twist the upper body to the direction you want i.e. inside the turn.  In brief, face to the “bottom” and consequently you’ll get this attitude.

I wrote 1.2.3 but do all the same time, not in this order.

The upper body twist to the direction you want (right here) and compress down, you see.
The head and the upper body incline to the bottom from the top to turn, and move the CG to the bottom (inside the turn), you know.

The pole is only the trigger.
Don’t stick it into the snow to turn, or you’ll hurt your wrist.

Now, extend your body up to the sky!
And release the twist of the body.
Then friction between the board and the snow surface.

3. 伸び上がり、板を雪面と平行にしてエッジを解放。エッジがアウトエッジからインエッジに切り替わる。 - コピー

It’s “the power of leg” that extend.
You need “the considerable power of leg” because of only one leg.

As you extend the body and make the board parallel to the snow surface, it will turn itself.

The edge has switched to the other side:”in-edge” of “the outside foot”, you see.

After turned, sink the body down again.
If the knees hold to extend, you could not absorb the shock from the snow surface, and then you would fall down with a little roughness.
It’s very unstable that the body holds to extend.

I mean you should bring yourself into the unstable condition when turn.
To be stable is not to turn going straight.

4. ターン後半

4. the latter part of turn.  Sink down to catch the snow surface again.

When turn, you extend the body to reduce the grip with the snow surface.
After turned, sink down and catch the snow surface firmly using suspension of the knees.

5. ターン完了

5. Completed to turn!

Watch video.↓

Outside view camera

Inside view camera

For turn with one leg, you need the power to bend and stretch with one leg!

Next practice~One-legged ski Turn2.

Monoski~See top page and Contents here

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3. 伸び上がる。とともに板を雪面と平行にする。 - コピー


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