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Turn (dynamics)

Jump turn.  How to turn the board

Eh!? All at once, High level technique!?
You need not jump, but compress and twist your body, and then, extend and reduce the load (weight).  That turn the board.  It’s the base of all turn.

• Compress and Twist

You compress and twist your body to the direction of the turn you want.


compress and twist

• Reduce the load (extension)

Extend your body as long as you can.
If the board lift off the ground completely, it’ll turn very easily.
Even if it doesn’t lift off the ground, but you reduce the load to the ground and it get parallel to the snow surface,
then the friction of the board and the snow surface reduces and the edges lost the effect, it’ll turn very easily.


extend (jump)

If the board inclines to the snow surface anyway, the edge bites the snow, and then you can’t turn the board.

When turn, you need to get “the board parallel to the snow surface” and “release the edge”, and turn the board and switch the edge opposite side.

• Turn and Land

The board has turned.


turn and land

“Action and Reaction” law turn the board to the right, the upper body slightly to the left.

When you ski short turn, you apply the “twist” of the upper body to the next (opposite direction) turn.
If the upper body turned same direction with the board, it would be difficult to turn the next (opposite direction).

Watch video.↓

You don’t need to jump, but it’s the same about “dynamics” of turn the board among not to mention Monoski, 2-legged ski, snowboard.

  1. compress and twist
  2. Extend your body as long as you can.  Make parallel the board and the snow surface.  Release the edge.  The friction of the board and the snow surface reduces
  3. By Newton’s third law “action and reaction”, the board turn to the body, the upper body turn to the board.

Recently you can turn to the other direction if your upper body turn with the board because the “carving skis” will very easily turn, but when short turn it would be difficult to turn if your upper body turned with the board.

The upper body face forward (the direction to the bottom of the slope) all the time in the “mogul” you see the Olympic games or World cup games.
Only the hips, the knees and the board turn alternately, but the upper body face forward throughout.

Twist of the upper body” and “Compression and Extension” are very important to Monoski!

My friend who saw me monoskiing said that


That fits perfectly to Monoski. (^^)

You can’t turn if you stand straight up.
It’s very important to compress and extend with “lithe and flexible” action.

Please do that extremely.
The wasteful actions will come off itself, when you would be able to monoski.

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