Japanese pitch accent change in combination 結合によるアクセントの変化 ~ English



Japanese pitch accent change in combination 結合によるアクセントの変化 ~ 日本語

/ rise, go up
\ fall, go down, lower (fall of accent)

Change caused by combination

毎日新聞を読む mainichi shinbun o yomu

毎日、新聞を読む mainichi, shinbun o yomu.

Everyday, I read a newspaper.


「毎日 ま\いにち ma\inichi」is head-high.
「新聞 し/んぶん shi/nbun」is flat.

We Japanese feel「毎日 mainichi」and「新聞 shinbun」are different words by accent characteristics.

We Japanese actually pronounce “n” as “m” before “b, m, p” like “shimbun”.
But we use “ん (n)” in writing.

毎日新聞を読む mainichishinbun o yomu.

I read Mainichishinbun.
Mainichishinbun is one of the major newspaper in Japan like Asahi-shinbun or Yomiuri-shinbun.


「毎日」and「新聞」combine together to become one word
「毎日新聞 ま/いにちし\んぶん ma/inichishi\nbun」, then the part of combination will rise and the accent change to 「中高型 middle-high」.
As a result, we Japanese feel「毎日新聞」as one word.

I never have a relation with Mainichishinbun💦

Fall [core] of accent

“Fall [core] of accent” is a point where a tone goes down.
“Fall” means “waterfall” or “cascade”.

It is very important in Japanese.

Only one “Fall of accent” per one chunk

There is only one “Fall of accent” per one chunk, usually almost one word.

See below about fall of accent.↓

Japanese accent pattern アクセントの型 ~ English

Examples of change by combination

高校 こ/うこう ko/ukou
野球 や/きゅう ya/kyuu
大会 た/いかい ta/ikai
会場 か/いじょう ka/ijou

Every word is “flat”, but after combined they will become “middle-high” and word ending go down.

高校+野球 こ/うこうや\きゅう
高校野球+大会 こ/うこうやきゅうた\いかい
高校野球大会+会場 こ/うこうやきゅうたいかいか\いじょう

同時多発テロ事件 douji tahatsu tero jiken

This is the terrorist attacks in 2001.

同時 simultaneous
多発 multiple
テロ terrorism
事件 incident

I felt discomfort in accents of announcers when this incident occurred.
Everyone pronounced like below.

\うじ た/はつ (\) て/ろじ\けん
do\uji ta/hatsu (\) te/ro ji\ken

「たはつ」and「てろ」are different words.
「て」starts from low tone, so you think a tone goes down before「て」.
You will feel like that rather than think.

Don’t think.  Feel !
Like Bruce Lee😄

So you will hear three words or chunks apart from each other.
I felt discomfort, unpleasant, odd unconsciously even though I didn’t know the word “fall of accent” nor the theory in those days.
Especially, the first word「ど\うじ」sounded odd.

They had become to pronounce like below after few days.


Then the word had become one chunk like「同時多発テロ事件」.

Speaking fast makes combined, slow makes apart

学校に行きます gakko ni ikimasu

Speaking fast :
「が/っこうにいきま\す ga/kkouniikima\su」
Speaking slow :
「が/っこうに (\) い/きま\す ga/kkouni (\) i/kima\su」

Accent changes like above.

Especially, we will tend to make each word apart, when we read picture book or like that to children slowly.

I’m a professional Japanese teacher.

Please contact me😊
Toshi in italki.


わたしはさっちゃんです!watashi wa Sacchan desu!
わしはひげおじさんじゃ!washi wa hige-ojisan ja!

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